About OxWiP

Oxford Women in Politics (OxWiP) is the leading university-wide society dedicated to advancing the role of women in public and professional life. OxWiP was founded in 2004 to serve as a means to address the significant gender imbalance in politics and leadership roles. Since then, the society has broadened its scope to serve as a resource for women leaders in public service, academia, and the private sector. We do this through organising and promoting exciting events with prominent women leaders and potential employers, by hosting social events to help our members build up a healthy network, and by arranging workshops to develop the skills and talents necessary for success.

OxWiP aims to:

  • Connect Oxford’s women students, faculty, and alumni engaged in public service and the political and corporate spheres
  • Develop the professional skills and networking opportunities necessary for a successful career
  • Inspire the next generation of women leaders


OxWiP’s 2016/17 Executive Committee aims to:

  • Develop a board of directors aimed to support OxWiP’s institutional growth
  • Strengthen partnerships with Oxford institution focused on innovative and diversity-driven initiatives
  • Broaden and prioritise OxWiP’s  outreach to more diverse audiences and communities
  • Highlight women in leadership positions by curating events that speak to global issues
  • Provide space for more grassroots-led organizations and leadership within and beyond the Oxford community
  • Continue to deliver excellent speaker series aimed at inspiring the next generation of women leaders